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Ask Yourself-happy boy Time

Unconsciously, the entire epidemic has continued to this day, one after another.
I don’t know how long it will take, but we know that as we live in this era of raging epidemics, we cannot refuse, we cannot resist, we can only face and cater to.
Yes, we need to cater, including our own feelings. This is a feeling that makes us have to pay attention to our inner world. We are a group of people who love life, and a group of people who cannot survive independently. We need to socialize, we need friends, we need lovers, and we need relatives. . .
But today, we are affected by the epidemic, and maybe we still have to grab masks to face the living environment, contact our social circle, and work circle. This is unavoidable.
But how can we keep moving forward like this? What is our heart crying out for?
While we need to grow outward, we also need to keep looking inward, to ask ourselves, to ask our heart, our body, to see how it responds to us. And, we need to pay attention to this, if there is no response, we need to use some external force, yes, that’s right.
We found the answer at, where we need to look inward. We need to do this to know and recognize our true selves.
I did it by happy boy Time:
Maybe everyone’s experience is different, but happiness is indeed the same, and when I share it with you, I am sharing my happiness.

Write by Rose.Lee

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